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Buy cheap, buy twice? Introducing maus™ originals and our 'Built to Last' promise.

You may have seen that we have recently started to release our very own range of maus™ originals furniture. Available to order online in 8 stain resistant linen colour ways, or made to order in any of our fabric collections at a bespoke price.

In the UK alone we throw away 1.5 million tonnes of furniture EVERY YEAR! In a world where living 'more sustainably' is part of most rational people's everyday, we hope to offer a new and exciting circular economy for furniture buyers!

Our 'Built to Last' promise insures that not only are our maus™ originals products built using the highest quality materials available, meaning more longevity in your investment, but we'll also offer you our full re-upholstery service at 40% off after 24 months! Yes thats right- A BRAND NEW SOFA EVERY TWO YEARS, without throwing the old one to landfill! We'll also wash and use your old fabric for remnant scatters to sell in store and online- ZERO WASTE!

Stay tuned for more information as our shop services grow in the coming months, and we are able to add to the list of perks included in our 'Built to Last' promise. If you like to buy with a conscience then help us put an end to mass furniture production one chair at a time. Invest in quality. Invest in a circular economy. Buy less and create less waste- 'Built to Last' only at maus™

Shop maus™ originals in the maus store NOW!

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