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boofie™: Author Interiors, STALL Mcr, + WIN A boofie™ competition

We've been busy here at maus HQ with all things boofie™ and we thought we would let you guys know exactly what we've been up to!

As we announced on social media in January we are very excited about Author Interiors, an online e-tailer, stocking our boofies and featuring us on their meet the maker page. Author represent and endorse the same values of quality and fairness that we promote here at maus and its been a huge step for us in promoting and selling our little product. They curate luxury quality handmade items that are made in Britain so be sure to head over to their website and check them out-

Last month, we also had our first ever pop-up hosted by the wonderful @STALLmcr who are based at The Redbank Project in Manchester. We will be selling exclusive 'pop-up-only' products that aren't available online

The STALL events run every Saturday and we'll be there one Saturday a month if you would like to come along and say hello, or pick up a boofie™ product.

We're also running a STALL exclusive Win a boofie™ competition- what do you need to do to enter? Thats easy! Simply attend a STALL event and join our boofie™ mailing list.

Be sure to follow @boofieofficial on instagram and facebook for all the latest boofie™ announcements and news.

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