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boofie™ was created out of a desire to provide an enduring, sustainable and multi functional furnishing that gives luxury style and bags full of substance (or in our case, buckwheat).

Using ethically sourced and sustainable woollen fabric, recycled leather and without a polybead in sight, boofie™ is a product that can be used throughout the home. It's multifunctional design allows it to be used as a pouffe, bean bag, emergency chair, scatter cushion and side table to name a few.


With a tough and durable build quality every boofie™ is hand crafted in our Manchester workshop with care and attention.


- Soft milled wool cover in contemporary melange shades give a smooth yet resistant finish. The cotton interlining gives another barrier avoiding any buckwheat spills. 


- Recycled leather loop "pulls" allow you to reposition around the home with ease. Easily stored away and brought out at a moments notice. 


- Filled with sustainably sourced dried buckwheat husks that provide ample support and give in equal measures. The shells maintain their shape well under weight.

boofie® OG

    WOOL Dry clean only
    LEATHER Spongeable
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