servicing, repairs, and treatments 

Here at maus we understand that your furniture is precious. Our mission statement is all about how we can create a more circular economy for our customers, and we certainly practice what we preach! Whether its a natural treatment to revive and replenish your old leather sofa, a frame repair on a precious heirloom, or a top to bottom renovation of a piece of vintage furniture- we've got you covered!

Check out the gallery below or scroll down to find out exactly what we do, how it works, and some examples of pricing.  

what we do

  • re-studding

  • replacement black bottom

  • leg replacements

  • leg repairs

  • leather/vinyl treatment

  • leather/vinyl cleaning

  • frame repairs

  • botch patching

  • replacement box cushions

  • replacement box covers

  • replacement cushion inners

  • vintage chair restoration 

  • vintage furniture restoration 

  • are just some of the services we provide...

how it works

Get in touch and let us know your problem. We may ask you to provide photos or videos over WhatsApp to the number we have provided below. 

Once we've discussed what's possible and if we can reach you, our repairs service is only available locally to us here in Greater Manchester, we'll provide you with a date and time that suits you for us to call and complete the work. Please see below an example of our servicing prices- these are for guidance only and further materials/time may be needed for each servicing job.

Pricing Example:

Job~ Armchair frame repair

Call out charge~ £50

Time taken~ 4 hours @ £20 an hour, total = £80 labour

Materials used~ framing timber, new black bottom, total = £15 materials

Total = £145