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When Brand New Meets Very Old

This past week we have had the #privilege of transforming this precious family #heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation for over #100years!

Before Picture of Twisted Arm Antique Bedroom Chair

This was our first #traditional #build of #2019 so we thought we'd include some behind the scenes photos for you, but first we had to get rid of that old #dusty #upholstery!

The underneath of the chair, as you can see there were two separate webbing patterns from renovations at different times. Its cool looking at how webbing has changed over the years

As you can see from the #pictures below it's been re-upholstered more than a few times and even includes our client's family name and the date of the last #renovation.

The bottom cloth showing the date of the chair's last re-upholstery- 20/11/57

After #stripping it was time to build the chair's sprung seat, first we tie on the springs using twine.

twine pattern

Then its time to lash the #springs with lacing twine. On this little chair, only a simple two way lashing pattern was required.

Once the #lashing pattern is #complete its time for our #coir fibre, a #material often used instead of #horsehair, it's cheaper and animal hair free!

Once our coir has been added we then needed to form a firm roll along the front edge of the seat. This is done firstly with a 'blind stitch' this pulls the hair towards the front of the seat ready for us to tie and form into a firm roll!

Once the roll is complete its time for a layer of wadding, and then, that's it- we're ready for our fabric. Our customer chose this beautiful 'Wave' fabric from #linwood 's #omegaprints collection.

Using their hugely popular stain resistant #omegavelvet, they have created 'an eclectic range of bold prints' which really don't disappoint! PLEASE go and have a look for yourself https://www.linwoodfabric.com/product-category/fabrics/omega-prints/

and you too could be mixing traditional upholstery with contemporary #textiledesign on your next project!

We think it makes for a beautiful aesthetic, especially those #twisted #wooden arms, #frenchpolished and framing beautifully those subtle tones and print.