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Saving the planet one dining chair at a time...

This month we've had that many dining chairs pass through the workshop, that we thought we would share a few thoughts for anyone out there who might be thinking about renovating their own dining room furniture.

Re-upholstered in wool
G Plan Vintage Dining Chairs

Having your old dining chairs recovered is a cost effective, environmentally friendly way of adding personality to your dining room interior. These original G Plan dining chairs were renovated with our 'maus frame restore' service, where the chair frames are cleaned and sanded, varnish or stain is applied, and then a final finishing coat of clear beeswax. The customer then chose 4 contrasting colours of wool to give them a crisp look, as well as that luxurious woollen texture. When corresponding with you during the design process we try to have fun and provide a truly bespoke service, think of your chairs as a blank canvas- anything is possible!

There are a two main styles of dining chair, the traditional drop in or framed dining seat, and the more contemporary 'high-back' dining chair. The main (and obvious) difference is the amount of upholstery on each of the two styles- more upholstery=more fabric=more decisions to be made!

'High-Back' Dining Chairs in 'Iona' Gold

These HB chairs were reupholstered in luxurious piled 'Iona' fabric by Linwood fabrics and were topstitched with golden thread for that sleek contemporary look. To help the customer decide on fabric we reccomended using our sample service to see a whole range of textures and materials, helping them narrow it down by a process of trial and error. We then suggested that the customer placed the samples in the dining room and considered them under the different light shades that entered the room throughout the day.

3x Pistachio and 3x Cyan
G Plan Dining Chairs

If you are thinking about contrasting fabrics and would like them to compliment each other we provide a mood board where personalised combinations are listed and explained free of charge! A personal samples book will then arrive at your address for you to consider as you make your decision. This is a great option if you have less of a clear idea of what you would like. You may already have a particular colour or scheme in mind!

Recovered Marks and Spencer Dining Chairs

We throw away 1.6 Million tonnes of furniture and bulky waste every year, 32% of which is reusable, dining chairs are a great way of reducing this burden on the environment, especially if the chairs you have are in good condition and maybe just looking a little tired or don't fit with your new decor.

The Marks and Spencer chairs above were solid, well made chairs, the customer provided their own floral fabric and ordered two bespoke seat pads to sit on two other chairs they have. It really was a classic up-cycling project- saving money, AND the environment!

Bespoke Pads

As furniture and design lovers we have a responsibility! At maus we try to provide luxurious products and materials whilst still holding ourselves to strict ethical guidelines. Luxury shouldn't come at the cost of our planet and at maus we are committed to improving our awareness of new materials and techniques in our effort to become completely sustainable- one chair at a time!

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