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An Introduction to Traditional Upholstery

What to expect from our weekend course- 'An Introduction to Traditional Upholstery'.

During the weekend we tackle a fibre stuffed drop-in dining seat (if you don't have your own drop-in available to bring along don't worry we will provide a plywood template for you), we hope you enjoy the course so much that you want to replicate it on your other drop-in chairs or go out and treat yourself to an old set to makeover.

First of all we will run you through the tools you will use throughout the two days. ALL tools are provided for you, but we believe in spending a little time learning about the correct way to use the different hand tools goes a long way in creating good practice and steering clear from bad habits. Certain tools are designed specifically for use within traditional upholstery so we spend time introducing you to them and also refreshing your knowledge of some more familiar hand tools.

All materials including your fabric will be provided for you- if you wish to use your own fabric this is absolutely fine (and encouraged), however try to have a conversation with us prior to the course start date just to make sure that your fabric will be suitable for upholstery.

Some of the techniques, tools, skills, and materials you will learn to use are:

-magnetic upholstery hammer with traditional Fine and Improved tacks (we discuss the difference

-webbing stretcher (seen less and less in upholstery workshops but still a valuable and cool little tool that we will show you)

-using horsehair/fibre

-tying stuffing and the knots required to do so

-top and bottom covering (with fabric and bottom-cloth)

If you would like more information about our courses or would like to search availability for the next 'An Introduction to Traditional Upholstery' weekend course then head over to the events page on our website

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