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Flamingo Art Deco Armchair Before and After

Our latest workshop offering was certainly an eye catching project to say the least. This beautiful armchair arrived with us in a bit of a sorry state. As you can see [picture below] the fabric had worn over time and started to fray.

Once we had stripped the chair the #rebuild process could begin...

Where possible we used the old covers to make templates which we transferred onto this #beautiful #flamingo #tango #velvet to make our new ones.

the new covers are now ready to be tacked onto the chair's frame

The #covers are placed on to the chair before they are tacked in place using staples. And then... that's it! Some subtle styling, and we were ready for the #bigreveal.

We love the end result and struggled letting this one leave the workshop!

If you have a chair in need of a #maus transformation you can contact us via email at info@mausinteriors.com subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive #mausoffers and follow our blog for more behind the scenes exclusives

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