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Case Studies: Drop-arm sofa

This month we transformed this beautiful traditional style drop-arm sofa.

Our client sourced the fabric from a local fabric warehouse, and then we had it passed with a stain-repellent chemical treatment as well as treating it to ensure it passes fire safety regulations. The sofa's frame was in need of small repair, but the drop-arm mechanism was sound and solid.

We oiled the mechanism lightly to avoid any over spray or oil being transferred onto our top fabric. The main spring unit needed re-tying and securing in place, new wadding and foam on the seat, and new foam on the arms revived the upholstery.

The process of reupholstery was meticulous and upholstering around the drop-arm can be difficult in some cases- this is due largely to the parts of upholstery that fold in on themselves and out of the way when the drop-arm is down and the sofa is in its 'daybed set-up'.

As you can see here there is a large part of upholstery that doesn't attach to the frame in order to allow space for the arm to fold.

Although time-consuming, the problem solving and challenges presented by this project all added to the fun, and the final result is a stunning statement piece that takes pride of place in our client's living room!

If you have a bespoke upholstery project in mind and would like more information or a free, no obligation quote then drop us a line to info@mausinteriors.com

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