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Want to try your hand at some crafting in a fun and social setting? From upholstery and sewing to floristry , candle making, or soap making, a maus course could be just what you're after! Scroll for more info about the different courses we offer, and then click here to see what's coming up and to book! All our courses take place right here at maus HQ.


An Introduction to Upholstery

On our 'Introduction to Upholstery' course you'll make your own mini footstool with an upholstered foam stool top, learning how to shallow button, and create your very own upholstery pads at home. You'll design your stool by choosing a fabric from our various collections, and of course you'll get to take your stool home with you at the end of the session. Perfect for beginners, or even if you've had a go at upholstery before. Come along, meet new people, and have fun learning a new skill that you can continue to use at home.


An Introduction to Sewing: make your own maus scatter

Make a scatter cushion just like we do in our workshop. Choose from loads of beautiful collections and takeaway your very own handmade-by-you maus scatter. Perfect for learning your way around a sewing machine for the first time and learning how to sew in zips. Suitable for complete beginners or people who have some experience sewing before. Come along, have fun learning a new skill, and fill your home with scatters handmade by YOU.


An Introduction to Traditional Upholstery

Our Introduction to Traditional Upholstery course serves as the perfect beginning to your traditional upholstery journey. Learn basic traditional upholstery techniques that have been passed down hundreds of years, and learn about the tools and skills required to complete beautiful traditional pieces using horse hair or coconut fibre. The course takes a full day with one to one tuition and costs £180. Please register you interest either in store or via email to book a date with our tutor. 


 Upholstery: bespoke tuition

After completing both the 'intro to upholstery' and 'an intro to sewing' taster courses you may wish to continue your upholstery journey with bespoke tuition for your chosen project. Prices start from £100 per day and weekday and Saturdays are available to book. Register your interest via email or in store. After registering your interest our tutors will advise how many days your project will take, you can then discuss a schedule with your tutor at days/times to suit you. 


An Introduction to Floral Styling

Get your floral fingers going with this floral taster course. Create a beautiful arrangement for your home and learn about dried and fresh flowers in the process. Please bring your own vase or ceramic to fill, we'll provide the rest!

During the 2 hour session, you’ll learn how best to arrange flowers and how to care for them. Hannah will provide inspiration boards and demonstrate with one of her signature displays. All tools and and a selection of flowers will be provided. 

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Floristry: bespoke tuition day course

After completing the floral styling taster course you may wish to continue your floristry journey with further tuition. Prices start from £160 per day and weekday and Saturdays are available to book. Register your interest via email or in store, you can then discuss a schedule with your tutor at days/times to suit you. 


Candle making workshop with Urban Burn Candle Co

Make your own scented soy candle on this 90 minute course. Hosted by our friends @ Urban Burn Candle Co, learn how to select complimenting fragrances and all the skills and theory necessary to make stunning eco friendly candles. 

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Soap making workshop with Celestial Witchery Beauté

Learn to make your very own soap bars with the amazing Celestial Witchery Beauté. Bex specialises in skincare and skincare rituals. She'll show you how to select fragrances as well as showing you step by step how to make your very own soap bars, bespoke to you and your skin type. You'll leave with the knowledge of how to continue making at home, as well as a branded workbook for your reference, and of course 3x bars of freshly made soap!


What are you waiting for? BOOK NOW for loads of crafting fun. Don't just take our word for it...


"It was absolutely fabulous. My family were blown away when I brought my stool home to show them."

Jane, course participant

"It was brilliant! Thank you so much, I'm super proud of my stool"

Claire, course participant